Rapport fra samarbeidet med Starehe Girl’s Centre

Starehe Girl’s Centre har laget en rapport på samarbeidet med Learning Means. Det er flott å se arbeidet til Learning Means har hatt betydning for elevene vi har støttet.

Rapportens konklusjon:

LEARNING MEANS has continued to be one of our biggest supporters for the last 4 years when it comes to sponsorship of our girls.

Without the sponsorship, then most of these girls would probably not be where they are today. The students who were sponsored by LEARNING MEANS have successfully transitioned from High School to Campus where they are currently undertaking their degree courses.
Though most of the students who qualify to go to campus experience difficulties in raising fees for campus, Starehe Girls’ Centre strive to continue to encourage the girls to apply for loans to help them with tuition and personal upkeep. 

Les hele rapporten og få mer informasjon om de vi har støttet her: sgc report to learning means.