Dear Members and Supporters of LM,

On behalf of Learning Means, I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your unwavering support during this rough time for our students and the staff that serve them.
It is with great pleasure that I say that all our students have managed quite well in spite of the challenges brought by the Covid-19 virus. Everybody has been forced to live and work differently in order to stay safe. The teacher worked hard to ensure that the students remain safe at the Centres as they continue with their studies. 
When the schools were closed, the students were told that they were going to be away from school for two weeks. Two weeks turned to nine weeks and some of them did not have all their books at home. And although they managed they have had to work very hard to catch up with the curriculum. They had only 10 days’ holiday in August and reported back on 11th September 2021. 
The year has to be extended to March next year and that is when six of our girls will be finished. The other group of six and the six boys with be finished next year in December. 
We have started planning for the coming year and would like to know if there is any member who might not be able to continue supporting us. Otherwise, I enclose some pictures of when I visited at the beginning of August. 

Hoping you will all continue to be with us,

Yours truly,

Lucy Mukuria Founder/Managing Director Learning Means