Learning Means students 2023-2025

Since 2012, Learning Means has provided financial support to underprivileged students to help them receive the best possible education.
Over the years, we have helped 12 students by offering four years of assistance. However, in the last four years, we have been able to expand our program and successfully support 18 students. All of them completed their schooling in December 2022 with excellent grades, which made them eligible for university and technical college admissions.
In 2023, we are thrilled to have taken on 12 more students to support over the next four years, and unlike the last four years, we have fewer funds.
While we aspire to help more students, we are doing the best we can with the resources we have.
We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our supporters, who have remained faithful to their commitments and enabled us to change the lives of so many students.

Dear Sponsors

It has been some time since I last wrote to give you information on our students. In the meantime, some students have finished and have been accepted at the universities. The year did not end at the end of last year as usual, but in March because of Covid 19.

Though the term was short, many academic and co-curricular activities kept the students occupied.  I am happy that 93% of the candidate class for the year 2021 managed to secure direct placement in public universities to pursue various Degree courses.

The remaining 7% were placed in different colleges, Technical and Vocational Education and Training institutes to pursue diploma courses related to technology, engineering, and business courses.

For me to plan for the next year, I need to know if there is anybody who might not be able to continue supporting us for the next four years. All our students will be finished at the end of this year, and I need to discuss this with the schools before the next bunch of students is picked. With the economic crises in Kenya, I am sure the next few years will be challenging, and I would like us, with your help to support as many students as possible.

The KCSE 2022 candidate’s class will start their Oral/Practical examinations

on Monday, 21st November 2022, and the theory papers on Monday, 1st December 2022, to 23rd December 2022. We hope these students will do well, too, to get into the public universities which are the best they can get to and where they can secure government loans to study.

If you want more information, please let me know, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We have one organization, eight sponsors who contribute every month, and family members who give as presents from time to time. Our accounts are the same year to year because apart from what we pay for the Learning Means domain and email address, we have no other expenses, and the rest of the funds cover the school fees for the students. That is why we have managed to educate 18 students, 12 girls and six boys, in the last four years. I hope we can continue with this number of students, if not more. If anyone is interested in the accounts, please let me know, and we will forward that to you. Frida Karina Rusnak has helped with accounting and reporting since we started. We are very grateful to have the few who voluntarily work for this organization and have kept helping since we started. Any feedback will be appreciated. —

Lucy Mukuria

Founder/Managing Director

Learning Means


Dear Members and Supporters of LM,

On behalf of Learning Means, I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your unwavering support during this rough time for our students and the staff that serve them.
It is with great pleasure that I say that all our students have managed quite well in spite of the challenges brought by the Covid-19 virus. Everybody has been forced to live and work differently in order to stay safe. The teacher worked hard to ensure that the students remain safe at the Centres as they continue with their studies. 
When the schools were closed, the students were told that they were going to be away from school for two weeks. Two weeks turned to nine weeks and some of them did not have all their books at home. And although they managed they have had to work very hard to catch up with the curriculum. They had only 10 days’ holiday in August and reported back on 11th September 2021. 
The year has to be extended to March next year and that is when six of our girls will be finished. The other group of six and the six boys with be finished next year in December. 
We have started planning for the coming year and would like to know if there is any member who might not be able to continue supporting us. Otherwise, I enclose some pictures of when I visited at the beginning of August. 

Hoping you will all continue to be with us,

Yours truly,

Lucy Mukuria Founder/Managing Director Learning Means

Dear supporters – an update

Dear members and supporters of LM,

I hope you and all those that are dear to you are all well.

I would like to update you on what has been going on with our organization this year since the pandemic changed the way we live our lives.

Schools in Kenya were all closed in mid-March as part of Covid-19 prevention and mitigation measures. Following that closure, the majority of the boys in Starehe Boy’s Centre left for home to be with what family they have, but a few of the ones that come from particularly difficult circumstances remained at the Centre. Those who remained have been catered for during the entire closure period by the school.

As for Starehe Girls, all the girls went home. The government opened the schools again in the second week of October, but only for the form four candidates who are preparing to sit for their final exams which have been moved to March 2021 instead of the end of November.

The schools are still waiting for a directive from the President and the Cabinet Secretary of Education with regards to the new term dates and when students in other classes will report back to school.

As you all know, Learning Means had paid in advance for this academic year, and I took contact with the school regarding what will happen.

1. Whether we are going to count the money as payment for next year 2021.

2. Whether they will refund the money.  

From the Boy’s Centre, I received an email saying that, although the students were not in the Centre, a significant portion of the advance payments made had to be deployed to meet the unchanging overhead costs, and to meet the extraordinary costs include the establishment of additional hand washing facilities, provision of disinfectants and sanitizers, provision of masks for students and staff and the specialized personal protective equipment for their medical staff. There is also the establishment of additional classrooms and dining facilities for when the rest of the school resumes. They therefore were requesting whether we could make the usual sponsorship payment again in January, which they shall rationalize as the situation evolves.

I will keep you informed in case of any new information, regarding any changes in the structure of payment for next year, if any. I will also kindly remind those who did not pay for this year or paid less to take this as a general reminder in case they forgot. We will need those funds and more for all the new initiatives to enable the school to continue as usual when all the students come back. Many schools have had to close, because they can not raise enough funds to make the required changes.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Lucy MukuriaFounder/Managing DirectorLearning Means

Regnskap for 2019/2019 accounts

Nedenfor er regnskapet for 2019 presentert. Alle studentene vi støtter gjør det godt og er i god progresjon. Årsaken til at det er minus i regnskapet for 2019, er at LM har gitt støtte til en ekstra student. Vi regner med å kunne rette dette opp i regnskapet for 2020, og er glad for å kunne støtte så mange som mulig.

Takker med dette for interessen og støtten fra alle medlemmer og bidragsytere i året som har gått!

regnskap 2019

Above are the accounts for 2019 presented. All the students we support are doing well and are in good progress. The reason for being in minus by the end of 2019, was that LM has provided support to an extra student. We expect to be able to rectify this in the accounts for 2020, and are happy that we are able to support as many students as possible.

Thank you for the interest and support from all members and contributors in the past year!

Students sponsored by Learning Means as of today

Due to the new GDPR regulation, we do not share the full details of our students, but here is an overview of the first names of the students that Learning Means now sponsor.

No. Name of student County Period Gender
1. Esther Kirinyaga 2018-2021 Female
2. Eunice Trans-Nzoia 2018-2021 Female
3. Joy Makueni 2018-2021 Female
4. Nelima Bungoma 2018-2021 Female
5. Valary Homa Bay 2018-2021 Female
6. Winnie Kisii 2018-2021 Female
7. Bancy Kitui 2019-2022 Female
8. Prudence Bomet 2019-2022 Female
9. Elizabeth Trans-Nzoia 2019-2022 Female
10. Juliah Nyandarua 2019-2022 Female
11. Shantel Nairobi 2019-2022 Female
12. Sauda Marsabit 2019-2022 Female
13. Moses Narok 2019-2022 Male
14. Kevol Bungoma 2019-2022 Male
15. Reuben Nyamira 2019-2022 Male
16. Benedict Siaya 2019-2022 Male
17. James Nyandarua 2019-2022 Male
18. Abdishukri Marsabit 2019-2022 Male


Regnskap 2018

Regnskap 01.01-31.12 2018
Medlemskontingent  kr             72 700,00
Gave (eQuality stiftelsen)  kr             51 000,00
Innsamlinger (Vipps)  kr               1 390,21
Salg av kenyanske produkter  kr               1 171,00
Andre inntekter  
Renteinntekter  kr                    47,25
Sum inntekter  kr          126 308,46
Betaling skolepenger  kr             57 934,58
Avgifter Brønnøysundregisteret  kr                           –
Avgifter banktjenester i DNB  kr                  105,00
Epost-tjeneste Google  kr                  414,51
Avgifter Paypal  kr                           –
Nettside  kr                           –
Renteutgifter  kr                           –
Sum kostnader  kr             58 454,09
Resultat 2018  kr             67 854,37
Balanse fra 2017  kr          102 374,57
Total  kr          170 228,94


Rapport fra samarbeidet med Starehe Girl’s Centre

Starehe Girl’s Centre har laget en rapport på samarbeidet med Learning Means. Det er flott å se arbeidet til Learning Means har hatt betydning for elevene vi har støttet.

Rapportens konklusjon:

LEARNING MEANS has continued to be one of our biggest supporters for the last 4 years when it comes to sponsorship of our girls.

Without the sponsorship, then most of these girls would probably not be where they are today. The students who were sponsored by LEARNING MEANS have successfully transitioned from High School to Campus where they are currently undertaking their degree courses.
Though most of the students who qualify to go to campus experience difficulties in raising fees for campus, Starehe Girls’ Centre strive to continue to encourage the girls to apply for loans to help them with tuition and personal upkeep. 

Les hele rapporten og få mer informasjon om de vi har støttet her: sgc report to learning means.

Thank you eQuality!

Det er med stor glede vi ved Learning Means annonserer at vi har fått en sponsoravtale for seks nye jenter. Våre nye sponsor er eQuality stiftelsen. Avtalen går ut på at de skal sponse elevene fra 2019 til 2022. Med dette vil vi takke eQuality-stiftelsen for deres bidrag.

Learning Means er alltid avhengig av sponsorer og vi kjempeglad når vi får en organisasjon som vil bidra, og ikke bare med støtte til én elev men til seks!

Brev fra tidligere student

Learning Means v/Lucy mottok nylig et brev fra Starehe Girl’s Centre. Dette er som kjent skolen der vi finansierer skolegang for 6 jenter

Brevet er signert Florence Kasuku, som er tidligere elev ved skolen. Etter oppholdet på Starehe har Florence gjennomført universitetsutdanning innen reiseliv med toppresultater. Hun er nå tilbake på skolen, denne gang som ansatt med ansvar for School Fundraising

På vegne av skolen uttrykker hun stor takk for vår støtte. Den har gjort det mulig for talentfulle barn fra fattige familier å ta høyere utdanningFlorence er selv et eksempel på at skolen gir barn mulighet til å utvikle og utnytte sine evner og slik kunne innta ansvarsfulle og viktige stillinger i samfunnet. Som vi vet, er utdanning nøkkelen til framgang og demokratisering i ethvert samfunn.»

The full letter.


Starehe Girls’ Centre has sent Learning Means a brief background story to each student we are supporting:

Esther is fourteen years old, and is the first born in a family of two children. Her father passed away leaving them under the care of their mother who works as a fruit seller. Her sibling has not started schooling and is at home. Esther was under sponsorship in the above named school. Her best subjects were Mathematics and Science. She would like to be a Doctor in future and loves playing football during her free time.

Esther has been a hard working student, and managed to score 427 marks out of the possible 500 marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E.) examination 2017.

She gained admission at Starehe Girls’ Centre due to her exemplary performance and the recommendations by the Head teacher, local Chief and the Pastor. 

Nye LM-elever!

Arbeidet med Learning Means gir resultater!

Vi har fullført støtten til seks elever ved Starehe Girls’ Centre, og seks nye elever er nå valgt ut til å få støtte fra Learning Means fremover; Esther Wairimu Mwangi, Eunice Yaya Lino, Joy Mueni Kamene, Valary Akinyi Akelo,  Winnie Barongo og Nelvin Nelima.

I ukene fremover vil dere få vite litt om hver student, vi håper på at alle er med på å støtte Learning Means videre!

Til alle Learning Means sine medlemmer og bidragsytere! Takk!

Til alle Learning Means sine medlemmer og bidragsytere!

På vegne av Learning Means vil vi gjerne takke for all støtte og økonomiske bidrag til våre studenter i Kenya.

Alle de seks jentene vi støtter, har nå fullført sin fireårige skolegang på Starehe Girls Center (tilsvarende videregående skole). De har alle avlagt eksamen med meget gode resultater (se nedenfor). Med disse resultatene har alle jentene mulighet til å komme inn på gode universiteter i Kenya.

Planen er nå å støtte seks nye jenter på den samme skolen de neste fire årene. Samtidig fortsetter vi naturligvis å støtte de to guttene i deres videre skolegang.


No. Name Adm. No. Mean Grade Points
1 Faith Anzazi SGC/907/2014 B+ 73
2 Mary Wairimu SGC/863/2014 B+ 67
3 Purity Muruya Wambani SGC/927/2014 B- 58
4 Loise Mutethya Mutindi SGC/851/2014 B- 58
5 Lavender Awuor Onditi SGC/845/2014 B- 53
6 Clare Chepkirui SGC/926/2014 C+ 47

Regnskap Januar-juni /Accounts January – June

Regnskap 01.01-30.06 2017
Medlemskontingent  kr            22,950.00
Gaver  kr            23,600.00
Innsamlinger  kr                            –
Salg av kort  kr                  550.00
Andre inntekter  kr                  147.00
Renteinntekter  kr                            –
Sum inntekter  kr            47,247.00
Betaling skolepenger  kr            63,796.92
Avgifter Brønnøysundregisteret  kr                            –
Avgifter banktjenester i DNB  kr                  315.00
Epost-tjeneste Google  kr                  216.30
Avgifter Paypal  kr                            –
Andre kostnader  kr                            –
Renteutgifter  kr                            –
Sum kostnader  kr            64,328.22
Resultat 2017  kr           -17,081.22
Balanse fra 2016  kr            79,785.33
Total  kr            62,704.1

Accounts 2016: January-December

Medlemskontingent  kr 3 590,00
Gaver  kr 15 694,00
Innsamlinger  kr 23 801,59
Salg av armbånd og julekort  kr 19 240,35
Andre inntekter
Renteinntekter  kr 48,82
Sum inntekter  kr 62 374,76
Betaling skolepenger  kr 63 120,00
Avgifter Brønnøysundregisteret
Avgifter banktjenester i DNB  kr 1 090,00
Epost-tjeneste Google  kr 428,87
Avgifter Paypal
Andre kostnader
Sum kostnader  kr 64 638,87
Resultat 2016  kr -2 264,11
Balanse fra 2015  kr 82 049,44
Total  kr 79 785,33